Fun Games, Clean Planet

Roll for Initiative

Board games are fun.

That doesn't mean they cannot be environmentally friendly.

What is FGCP?

Fun Games, Clean Planet is an initiative to recognize tabletop games that are designed, produced, and otherwise created in a way that promotes sustainability. From materials to methods, this initiative seeks to positively change the board game industry.

Our standards are not incredibly strict and are easily achievable. However, even though these standards are easily met, most game manufacturers still choose non-ecofriendly practices. Games that adorn this logo have been proven to make strides towards environmental design, materials, and fulfillment.

If you have a game or know of a game that has been designed with the environment in mind, please review our standards below and fill out the form.

Board games are not sustainable?

Board games are notorious for overabundance of unnecessary materials. Some examples that come to mind are plastic miniatures, plastic inserts used to organize game boxes, single-use shrink wrapping, and so on. These are components are not currently recyclable and will remain on our planet forever.

There are plenty environmentally friendly alternatives to these harmful materials that do not sacrifice game play experience.

Products in this stock photo do not meet our standards.

Our Standards Are Simple

Environmental Design

Games are to be designed with fewest amount of components, highlighting efficiency and minimizing waste.

Environmental Components

Games are to be produced with biodegradable components, such as wood, cardboard, organic fabrics, etc.

Environmental Fulfillment

Games are to be fulfilled as environmentally friendly as possible, from packaging to shipment.

Closing the Loop

In an effort to reduce waste, we will accept any of our board games in any condition. Our plans for these games are:

  1. Refurbish the games (Cleaning/Combining parts to create a full game for discounted resale or donation)

  2. Reuse parts for prototyping future games

  3. Recycle or Upcycle unsalvagable parts.

Additionally, you can donate your copy to your local library, shelter, school, religious group, youth organization, or anywhere. We can help you find a local organization to your location that will accept used board games.

Either way, we will send you a one-time $10 discount code to our online store as a special thank you!

If you are interested in closing the loop, please email for more information!

We cannot currently accept other publisher's games. We are working on this! Currently, refurbished games are for sale at in-person events, such as conventions and street fairs.

How can I help with the FGCP Initiative?

You can help by recognizing games that meet our standards and demanding to board game companies to do so. If you feel like a game meets our standards, feel free to fill out the form to the right.

Other steps that you can take involve the following:

  1. Back games on Kickstarter that follow our standards.

  2. Demand that board game designers, producers, and manufacturers go the extra mile for the environment

  3. Demand that board game manufacturers offer a "Closed Loop" service.

  4. Subscribe to our newsletter by filling out the form to the right for upcoming ethically created games, news about environmental procedure in the board game industry, and for more information about environmental activism in tabletop.


You can contact FGCP at for any questions, concerns, comments, to learn about getting this label on your game and Kickstarter, or if you have any input on this initiative.

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