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Work together with your Clowder to escape the Catacombs, prevent the Cataclysm, and avoid going Catatonic!

A Cat-Themed Cooperative Deck Building Campaign! Escape the Catacombs and work together to prevent the Cataclysm!

Plunder islands, pillage loot, and complete objectives to seal the shanty that all will sing about you once Davy Jones takes his toll!

Welcome to SCAM! Compete to have the most profitable ward in the hospital! Some medical malpractice may occur, but at least you earn sweet money.

Pillage, Plunder, and Pilfer your way to become the most renown captain to ever sail the Kanvus Sea!

Archived Project

Scrub's Center for American Medicine

Mange your Ward to become the most profitable ward in the hospital! ...while potentially performing some medical malpractice for profit.