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1 - 4+ Players | 45 - 60 minutes | Ages 13+

Curiosity is a cat-themed cooperative deck building campaign game where players work together to try to defeat terrifying guardians and escape the Catacombs. Players will play through over a dozen scenarios as they try to assist a mysterious cat named Percival prevent the impending Cataclysm. Each player will take the role of a specialized cat, build their unique decks, acquire new abilities and enchanted artifacts, unlock new powerful playable cats, and battle Felinekind's greatest evils (such as spray bottles and yarn balls). Oh, and there are a ton of puns.

Rated 13+ for potential scary imagery (like the skeleton on the box) and for allusions to death. Curiosity: Mystic Edition Collectors copies available now!

3 - 5 Players | 30 - 60 minutes | Ages 13+

Our flagship game! Sea Shanties is a pirate-centric area-control worker-placement strategy game where players compete to be the most renowned captain of The Kanvus Sea. Utilizing the dynamic 100% cotton canvas board, players will plunder islands, pillage loot from each other using a unique battle mechanic, and complete objectives to craft the shanty that will ultimately become their legacy once Davy Jones takes his toll.

Rated 13+ for potential scary imagery (like the skeleton on the box) and for references to "Grog."

Available now! Order today.

2 - 4 Players | 30 - 60 minutes | Ages 13+

SCAM is a card drafting game where players are business directors of specialized wards. Players compete to bring in the most revenue into the hospital. In doing so, players will try to admit the most profitable patients to their wards while moving less profitable patients to opponents wards. Medical malpractice may happen, but at least you could earn a sweet raise from the hospital CEO!

Rated 13+ for allusions to medical oopsies.

This game is currently in development. Stay tuned for the Kickstarter!

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