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Curiosity was a resounding success on Kickstarter and is now available from select stores as well as our web store!

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What is Curiosity?

Curiosity is a 1-4+ player cooperative deck-building campaign. In this game, players play as a Clowder of cats navigating the Catacombs. Players will work together to defeat the Guardians of the Catacombs, build their customized decks from the Catalogue, and overcome the Fates that brought the great Cats before them to their demise. Players will unlock powerful new classes and abilities throughout over a dozen scenarios!

Feline Roles

Take the role of a heroic cat as you cautiously creep through the Catacombs. Learn from the mistakes that lead to your demise!

Unlockable Content

Unlock more playable cats, powerful abilities, helpful artifacts, additional quests, and powerful cards as you play.

Dynamic Campaign

Work together to assist a mysterious cat named Percival as he attempts to prevent the impending Cataclysm!

What people are saying

Previewers have spoken: Curiosity is a fun and engaging game. But don't take our word for it -- here are quotes from the previewers themselves!

Curiosity is available now! Order your copy today to see what all the catastrophe is about.

The Collector's Edition

Curiosity: Mystic Edition is the official collector's edition of Curiosity! This edition comes with everything included in the standard edition, plus a few extra goodies:

  • Bigger game box with updated art

  • Copy of Curiosity, signed by the Developer

  • Art and Trivia Book (50+ pages)

  • Fabric Tapestry (24"x18")

  • Wooden Personal Deck organizer

  • Collectible Holographic Sticker

There are only a handful of copies available.

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