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Since the creation of Pleiades Games, all aspects of our game experiences have been overseen by one person (myself). This was always been a hobby of mine and I would love to include other points of view in crafting the most immersive experience we possibly can. In an effort to create a more scalable environment, I would love to bring more people onto the Pleiades Games team.

What I can currently offer.

Equal stake in fundraising events, such as Kickstarters.

Equal stake in all game sales.

Equal credit for board games.

As Pleiades Games scales, we can offer more comprehensive compensation.

All roles will also assist in gameplay development, playtesting, coordination, and immersion experience.

Who we need.

Lead Immersion Artisan

Digital Artist

You will be responsible for creating digital elements that harbor the visual experience of our games. You will direct the artistic vision of the games, creating box art to specifications, templating gameplay elements, and creating digital elements for branding and social media. If you have a creative vision, are talented within a digital medium, are able to follow through with a huge project through the end, and have a knack for fostering immersive experiences, then this role is perfect for you. Please send us an email with your CV and we can get started!

Lead Immersion Ambassador

Sales and Marketing

You will be responsible for ensuring Pleiades Games products end up on store shelves. You will generate leads, follow up on leads, help maintain the positive relationship with our current partners, and help meet our sales goals. You will also assist in marketing communications and sales events. If you are charismatic, have experience reaching out to friendly local businesses, and have a love for board games, then this role is perfect for you. Please send us an email with your CV and we can get started!