Publishing Services

You have great ideas.

Let's get them out into the world.

What we are offering.

You have a great idea for a game, you have been playtesting, and the game is great. You have an artistic vision, cards have been done, and you know how your game is going to end up looking. This is amazing! Knowing what the next steps can be challenging. There is a mountain of information you need to learn before publishing a game and it can be very daunting.

I've been there. We can help!

How we can help.

We can take the reigns after your game is ready to take the next step. Here are some of the tasks that Pleiades Games, can assist with:


Kickstarter campaign management, social media guidance, marketing, advertising, organizing (p)reviewers, fundraising.


Project management for manufacturing, finding the perfect manufacturer for you, making sure all specifications are met, organizing international logistics management, transportation, tariffs and taxes


B2C and B2B Sales, continued marketing and advertising, social media, end-user delivery, Friendly Local Game Store supply

Self-Publish or Collaborate?

Whether you want to self-publish or collaborate with us, we can get started with a quick consulting meeting to discuss options and if we can help assist. If you choose not to go with our publishing services, then we can also give insight on specific tasks through consulting.

Please note that we are only offering our publishing services for games that are already prototyped, playtested, and ready for the next step. We cannot offer playtesting, prototyping, rule editing, or artistic services.

Let's roll.

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