Experience before Compromise.

We strive for a completely immersive experience.

And we nail it every time.

It started with a hobby.

Pleiades Games was started by gamemaker Andrew X. Hunter in January of 2019 and has one objective: to leave the world a little more fun than before formation without sacrificing his core values and environmental commitments.

Andrew's favorite board games include Gloomhaven, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and Ascension.

Pleiades Games currently has two games available globally, several projects ready to be announced, and dozen in development.

Our Core Values - DICE


Representation in game art, play-testers, comments, critiques, media, vendors, and employment.


We harbor inclusion in all decisions from development to fulfillment. Voices will be heard.


Give thanks, give back, and give preference to the indie and local community. Promote positive discussion.


We use our platform we have to ensure positive change is being enacted, ensuring safety and equitable rights are guaranteed for all.

Why Pleiades?

The Pleiades, also known as "The Seven Sisters," is a small constellation riddled with lore and mystery. Across the globe, many cultures believed that this constellation is a portal to the afterlife and is the reason why many different traditions are celebrated (such as Halloween).

Our games are meant to immerse players into a completely different reality. We like to view our games as a portal into another world, much like the Pleiades.

The Pleiades is located near Taurus and is most visible in the Northern Hemisphere in October and November.