Curiosity Rules FAQ

I will periodically update this page with frequently asked questions about Curiosity, including specific mechanics, scenarios, guardians, artifacts, and events. I will try to answer in a way that does not spoil any surprises. I will hide most spoiler text behind an expandable text box, so you will need to click. If you do need clarification on rules that are not described on this page, please reach out to

Where do spent gems go?

Spent gems will always go to the Loot discard pile.

How are ties determined in Curiosity?

Encounters - use Initiative to break ties.
Everything else - players discuss as to which cat would be the most thematic for the outcome.

Should we play with our hands face-up or hidden?

Whichever you want! Since this is a cooperative game, the gameplay experience can be played with hands revealed. This is especially useful in family and lower stakes games. Either way does not impact the game too much, but there are people that strongly prefer to play one way or another. Go ahead and try it either way!

What if we run out of Tokens or Cards from the supply?

Tokens (like trophies, skill stones, hazard tokens) are unlimited - You may use a suitable alternative.
Cards are limited. If any card runs out, then you are out until a player litters another copy from their deck!

What is a "Player" and what is a "Cat?"

Generally, these are both the same. A “Player” is a real life (probably) human who is playing the game. A “Cat” is a playable character in the game. This distinction is primarily used if one player is playing multiple cats.

What is the difference between Loot and Gems?

Loot refers to the rewards a cat will get and the associated deck. Gems are the currency in the game, normally earned from drawing cards from the Loot deck. There could be cards other than gems in the loot deck.

Scenario set up: Do we always start with 10 cards in the Loot Deck and 12 catnip cards?

This should have been moved to the “First Set Up” section of the rulebook. Explanation:

These are the initial quantities for the Loot and Catnip decks for your first game. Over time, you might build these decks just like you would a personal deck. For example, you may purchase more gems to put more cards in the Loot deck. Use this built deck.

Session Step 4 should now read: “Place Loot and Catnip decks in a common area.”

Encounters: How many cards does each cat start with in their hand?

  • Initially, you will always start with 4 cards. Most of the time players will draw up to 4. There could be specific instances where players have more than 4 cards in hand. In this case, that player will discard down to 4 cards.

  • If you have used Ferocity to improve the hand size, then you start with that number.

Encounters: Is Preening required?

Preening is not required. However, you should preen often to cycle your deck faster.

Encounters: Can I discard unused cards after my turn?

No - those stay in your hand. If you wish to remove these cards from your hand, put them in Assist during your turn, which may then be preened at the beginning of your next turn.

Hint: upgrading the “Assist Cards Slots” with your ferocity will help a lot!

Encounters: If someone defeats the last guardian in an encounter, does the encounter end immediately or does the turn finish?

The encounter ends immediately.

Catalogue: What is "Shuffle Deck?"

While perusing the catalogue, a player can pay 7 gems to shuffle their deck, discard, hand, and assist together without adding catnip.

Catalogue: What is "Additional Skill Stone?"

A player can pay 7 gems to gain an additional skill stone, giving them another opportunity to use their special cat skill again. Note that you can keep this between scenarios, but you will not get the “free” skill stone at the beginning of the next scenario if you already have one. There is no limit to the amount of skill stones a single cat can have.

Changing Cats: Can you explain this process a bit more?

If you wish to change cats, you need to return that cat’s starting cards back to the Catalogue, if you still have them in your deck.

If you have littered any of the starting cards, then you will remove the cards that you still have.

If you littered a card then later bought the same card, then that new card will need to be removed when you change to a new cat.

When you select your next cat, shuffle their starting deck into your deck.

This only applies to one-icon cards. You do not need to remove any two or three icon cards when you change your cat.

Trials mode - Luxurious Throne. What do?

Only the guardians displayed when the throne is revealed must be defeated first. You can use tokens to signify this.